“ Adam is extremely knowledgeable, energetic and motivational – a pleasure to train with.  He practices what he preaches and has changed my approach to fitness for the better.  Friends and colleagues have commented that I not only look leaner & more muscular, but that I have improved my body shape.  I’m delighted with the results and feel that I now have a solid foundation for the future.  I wouldn’t have achieved all this without Adam’s help.  Thanks Adam!"

Thomas Spencer - Lloyds International



I have been training once a week with Adam Carter for the last 3 years and have benefited enormously from his experience not only with weight training and core exercises but also his ability to help with specific problem areas such as back alignment and injuries. He co-ordinated a program with my chiropractor to reduce the curvature in my spine and contributed to an improvement in my posture. Of course it goes without saying that he was also instrumental in my goal of increasing strength and body mass over the last 3 years.

In short, Adam listens well to the needs of his clients and creates an appropriately challenging program and I can highly recommend him to anyone serious about improving their physical fitness. I am happy to provide a reference and can be contacted at the email address below.

Stephen Kwastephen.kwa@me.com

Adam Carter has been training me for over a year and I have the highest regard for his knowledge, skill and professionalism. I presented with a lower back problem (L5S1) and less than adequate fitness. Adam has an ability to understand exactly what is required and then employ precise observational skills to ensure that all exercises are conducted both correctly and with maximum effect. This ensures an appropriate rigorous exercise regime to achieve maximum benefit . Adam is a great communicator and motivator and always supportive.

Mark Cashmore

Adam's consistently bright outlook on life is infectious and you can't help but feel better, albeit very tired, after a session with him! Training was always fun and I didn't realise how hard I worked until afterwards. My sessions were well structured and varied, ensuring I was progressing each week. We regularly revisited my goals and changed the emphasis according to my requirements.

Adam is always positive and enthusiastic and knows just when to push me to give that extra little bit I never knew I had. This helped me to achieve my fitness goals more quickly than anticipated. I work in a stressful environment and I find that exercise lowers my stress levels and clears my mind. In turn my sleep patterns return to normal whilst being physically fit and healthy, managing to fight off winter colds that everyone else seems susceptible to.

Just after I started training with Adam I went through a close personal bereavement and emotionally I was in turmoil. Training was the one constant in my life at that time when everything else was changing around me. Adam was patient and compassionate and provided structure to my life at a time when I had none. It was important for me to have a purpose, and my training sessions became this. I have trained with Adam for over three years and cannot recommend him highly enough as a personal trainer.

Sarah Harris

Working long hours in a sedentary job and having only recently recovered from shoulder surgery, my body was not in a good place and my energy levels and focus at work were suffering. Engaging Adam's services and training with him on a consistent basis has seen rapid results in my body shape, strength and conditioning.

Adam listened to and understood my goals, assessed my existing fitness levels including injuries and other impediments and formulated a detailed plan including phases of training to ensure I was constantly being challenged and tested. Together we have focussed on building a strong foundation which will enable me to take my future training to a much higher level and in virtually any direction I choose.

As a result of the sessions with Adam and the extra exercise I am now motivated to do in my own time, I have changed my body shape significantly, increased my energy levels and find that I am able to focus and handle the daily stresses of a senior role much more effectively. Besides the improved energy and focus at work, something as simple as having a stronger core and being more conscious of my body has resulted in improved posture when sitting at a desk all day and less fatigue. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking to make a material change to their overall health and well being.

James Carey -Senior Client Development Manager, AIA Australia Limited
(02) 9278 8841 


Adam has been my personal trainer for over two years and it was very hard to let him go. I started training with him after my marriage ended. I wanted to feel the best I could during a time of major change. Adam helped me to strengthen my core, took my fitness to a new level and ultimately streamlined my body. The results were fantastic

Tamara Sperling


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