We understand that human beings as a whole are very similar, but not the same, therefore our personal training programming design is tailor-made for you and your specific goals. 
 Get the Edge trainers are a dynamic team, that have great communicative skills, professional attitude, work ethic & sound knowledge of human movement & training techniques. They will coach you through each session, ensuring your strength, energy & performance continually steers you towards your ultimate goal. 
 The team are dedicated to supporting, motivating & educating you every step of the way, along your journey to success.

A. 3 x 60 min - Competitor within...! For competition preparation, intensive conditioning or quick advancements towards an objective or mission orientated goal.

B. 2 x 60 min - EDGE for life - building the foundations for a strong, fit, well balanced body to give you the "Edge for Life" Enhancing performance through training all 3 planes of movement, with primal movement patterns and complex lifts.

C. 1 x 60 min - Proven performer - for trainers who have sound knowledge, strength & motivation, whom can apply themselves in completing their program, with only one session per week, for coaching & progressions in training, strength & fitness testing. 


Adam Carter has been training me for over a year and I have the highest regard for his knowledge, skill and professionalism. I presented with a lower back problem (L5S1) and less than adequate fitness. Adam has an ability to understand exactly what is required and then employ precise observational skills to ensure that all exercises are conducted both correctly and with maximum effect. This ensures an appropriate rigorous exercise regime to achieve maximum benefit . Adam is a great communicator and motivator and always supportive.

Mark Cashmore