Adam Carter is one of Sydney’s premier trainers.

His business is based in the Sydney CBD at Fitness First Platinum -Black Label.
Adam’s always had a passion for strength & conditioning, health & fitness. Having played numerous sports at a representative level as a junior.
With a Military background, having served in the Royal Australian Navy. Adam was a Ships Diver and a Military Fitness Leader, for most of his Naval career. Health and Fitness has always played an integral part of his life. Competitively, socially & professionally.
“I started “Get the Edge” with Adam Carter to help individuals & businesses enhance their performance & quality of living, through physical training, education & inspiration. I have experienced firsthand, just how valuable a good level of Health and Fitness is, whilst serving  with the Navy in an operational zone in the Middle East. Maintaining a high level of fitness, enabled me to perform consistently at an optimal level, whilst constantly under pressure. With little and sometimes no room for error, being strong, fit and healthy enabled me to stay focused, remain confident and assertive in my decision making. Also, just as vitally 
important, the exercise regime gave me an outlet, an outlet to release stress. 
I strongly believe that the benefits from consistently adopting a physical training regime & some well balanced nutrition, will not only significantly increase the performance of individuals, it will have a positive impact on their workplace & personal / social life.       Improving ones health and  fitness 
levels, will inherently improves ones overall performance, therefore RESULTS!
Creating more options in my people's lives, enriching their everyday living, through  fitness, health & well being.
That's the driving force behind “Getting the Edge”. 


Adam is extremely knowledgeable, energetic and motivational – a pleasure to train with. He practices what he preaches and has changed my approach to fitness for the better. Friends and colleagues have commented that I not only look leaner & more muscular, but that I have improved my body shape. I’m delighted with the results and feel that I now have a solid foundation for the future. I wouldn’t have achieved all this without Adam’s help. Thanks Adam!"

Thomas Spencer - Lloyds International